With less than half of U.S. high schools offering courses related to Computer Science(edsource.org), exposure to software engineering topics is limited. Enter SimplyCS: an application for mobile and tablet-based platforms to introduce younger students to CS topics in a fun and engaging way. This post will run you through the development and motivation of SimplyCS, where we are in our journey, and what is to come next. Hopefully, you’ll gain some interest in our application, or even have ideas of your own on how to tackle CS in early education.

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SimplyCS is the spawn of many factors from what…

Deployment solutions can be insanely time-consuming, especially to those like myself who have very limited exposure to the process. From my previous experience with loading images onto VMs, I figured using Docker would be a similar deal. I was pleasantly surprised with the differences and optimizations I could apply with Docker!

One of the biggest pros to using Docker was the lack of operating system image upkeep. The Docker engine enables me to bypass any OS configurations, and go straight to an environment I need with a container. …

The beginning of my CS journey was a mix of frustration and wonder. I can pinpoint when my interest really took hold: data structures. The simplest of operations performed with various data structures had me in awe the first time I saw them. This was specifically prevalent with stacks, so that’s what we’ll be chatting a bit about today.

What’s a stack?

For starters, a stack is a linear data structure. This just means we can look at it as a special super cool type of array or list. What makes a stack a stack is that it follows one rule: “The first…

Write a reflection on lessons, stories, poems, dramas, check-in activities, blog posts, comments, and/or expressions that stood out to you from our class this semester.

Taking creative writing as a Science/Letters course turned out to be a lot more than just another class. I used to dread writing, so I wasn’t super pumped for the experience. Trying to have an open mind, I participated more than I otherwise would have. This helped me to find new interests and engage with my classmates in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible through something I dreaded so much!

One area, in particular…


The act of learning is something I’ve enjoyed over my lifetime. From an overhead view, learning something seems to be described as gathering information, making an inference or connection, and ends with the proclamation of “I now know this!” Over time, I’ve come to realize that this is a gross oversimplification. The act of examining something new, or just witnessing the unknown is miraculous in itself. I may see a tree as a tree, or snow as snow, but in no way am I able to encapsulate the entire entity that is a tree, or even a flake of snow…

  • What makes a dialogue interesting? What makes a scene captivating? What did you learn today about creating good dialogue and staging a scene?

Interestingly enough, the least important part of dialogue is what is actually being said. Factors such as the tone used, body language portrayed, events leading up to the dialogue, and current scenery and situation all play more important roles in making effectively interesting dialogue. This is all opinion of course. What makes dialogue interesting to me may differ from someone else. This applies to the question of what makes a scene captivating. Overall, a good scene leaves…

What are some of the best stories you’ve heard growing up? Are there stories that stuck with you? If you could write a short story one day, what would it be about?

Many of the best stories I’ve heard growing up were straight from my father and his experiences. Funny stories, scary stories, sad stories, etc. He had a story for everything. One example being of the ‘Man with the yellow car’ which he claims to be true, but it almost seems supernatural and out of some horror film. A quick summary of the story would be that him and…

Prompt: If Goblin Market was set in San Francisco, CA in 2O21 and you were one of the goblins, write a 15-line narrative poem to entice. Use vivid imagery, the fast-paced listing style, and similes to enhance your piece of persuasion.

The tourists run amuck-
taken aback by souvenirs, a unique food truck
a hoard gathers at the wharf, on my side is luck.

How could they all be so gullible?
as I lure them in, not a one suspects trouble
while I hit them with my trusty call “Who wants a double-double?!”

Like a slaughterhouse, In n out takes…

“I’m Cold”

“I’m cold,” I mutter to no-one in particular

Trudging through the snow, can’t feel my toes,

mucus freezing in my nose

“better off perpendicular”

again, to no-one near specifically.

the air is mundane, so I complain ,

verbally portray my disdain

I’m usually not like this, typically.

“I’m cold,” I mutter again, as if to change the situation

no-one replies, watery eyes

how long can I withstand this guise

must face the wrath of my condemnation

“suck it up” I demand of my inner victim

just cause the ground is made of ice, doesn’t mean you cant be nice

make the choice to be better, I won’t tell you twice.

“I guess it’s not so bad,” I convince my nervous system.

  1. Talk about the creative writing process of writing about nature poems using emojis. What was the theme of your group’s poem?

Writing poems about nature is almost intimidating because of how all-encompassing nature is. Encapsulating nature into a creative poem using only emojis was difficult. We tried to scope our idea down to a category of ‘snow’. From there, we tried to formulate a story about climbing, snowboarding/skiing, being cold, etc. At the end, we arrived at the unfortunate circumstance of having spent all this time and effort to climb the mountain to spend a fraction of that time enjoying…

Jeremiah Leary

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